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Airports in Poland, List of Poland Airports By City

All the Major Airports in Poland are given below. To find more information about any of these airports click on the airport name. Our database have 25 Airports in Poland. Poland IATA Airport Codes and ICAO Codes are listed bellow.

Airport City, Country IATA airport code ICAO airport code
Babimost Airport Zielona Gora, Poland IEG EPZG
Biala Podlaska Airport Biala Podlaska, Poland BXP EPBP
Bialystok-Krywlany Airport Bialystok, Poland QYY EPBK
Bielsko-Bialo Kaniow Airfield Czechowice-Dziedzice, Poland QEO EPKW
Bydgoszcz Airport Bydgoszcz, Poland BZG EPBY
Czestochowa Airport Czestochowa, Poland CZW -
Frederic Chopin Airport Warsaw, Poland WAW EPWA
Gliwice Glider Airport , Poland QLC EPGL
Goleniow Airport Szczecin, Poland SZZ EPSC
J. Paul II Balice International Airport Krakow, Poland KRK EPKK
Jasionka Airport Rzeszow, Poland RZE EPRZ
Koszalin Airport Koszalin, Poland OSZ -
Lawica Airport Poznan, Poland POZ EPPO
Lodz Lublinek Airport Lodz, Poland LCJ EPLL
Lublin Radwiec Airport , Poland QLU EPLR
Lushan Airport Lushan, China LUZ -
Mazury Airport Szymany, Poland SZY EPSY
Modlin Airport Warsaw, Poland WMI EPMO
Nowy Targ Airport Nowy Targ, Poland QWS EPNT
Oksywie Military Air Base Gdynia, Poland QYD EPOK
Opole-Polska Nowa Wies Airport Opole, Poland QPM EPOP
Pyrzowice Airport Katowice, Poland KTW EPKT
Rebiechowo Airport Gdansk, Poland GDN EPGD
Redzikowo Airport Slupsk, Poland OSP EPSK
Strachowice Airport Wroclaw, Poland WRO EPWR

The IATA airport code consists of three letters and is defined by IATA (International Air Transport Association).
The ICAO airport code consists of four letters and is defined by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).