Airports in Germany, List of Germany Airports By City

All the Major Airports in Germany are given below. To find more information about any of these airports click on the airport name. Our database have 125 Airports in Germany. Germany IATA Airport Codes and ICAO Codes are listed bellow.

Airport City, Country IATA airport code ICAO airport code
Aachen/Merzbruck Airport Aachen, Germany AAH EDKA
Altenburg Nobitz Airport Altenburg, Germany AOC EDAC
Ansbach-Petersdorf Airport Ansbach, Germany QOB EDQF
Augsburg - Muehlhausen Airport Munich, Germany AGB EDMA
Baltrum Airport Baltrum, Germany BMR EDWZ
Bamberg-Breitenau Airport Bamberg, Germany ZCD ETEJ
Barth Airport Barth, Germany BBH EDBH
Berlin Brandenburg Airport (U.C.) Berlin, Germany BER EDDB
Bielefeld Airport Bielefeld, Germany BFE EDLI
Bindlacher-Berg Airport Bayreuth, Germany BYU EDQD
Bitburg Air Base Bitburg, Germany BBJ -
Blankensee Airport Hamburg (HAM), Germany LBC EDHL
Boeblingen Airport Boeblingen, Germany PHM -
Bonn-Hangelar Airport Bonn, Germany BNJ EDKB
Borkum Airport Borkum, Germany BMK EDWR
Braunschweig Airport Braunschweig, Germany BWE EDVE
Bremen Airport Bremen, Germany BRE EDDW
Bremerhaven Airport Bremerhaven, Germany BRV EDWB
Burg Feuerstein Airport Burg Feuerstein, Germany URD EDQE
Celle Airport , Germany ZCN ETHC
Cochstedt Airport Cochstedt, Germany CSO -
Cottbus Airport Cottbus, Germany CBU ETHT
Cuxhaven Airport Nordholz-Spieka, Germany NDZ EDXN
Cuxhaven/Nordholz Airport Cuxhaven, Germany FCN -
Donaueschingen-Villingen Airport Donaueschingen, Germany ZQL EDTD
Dortmund Airport Dortmund, Germany DTM EDLW
Dresden Airport Dresden, Germany DRS EDDC
Dusseldorf Airport Dusseldorf, Germany DUS EDDL
Echterdingen Airport Stuttgart, Germany STR EDDS
Eisenach Airport Eisenach, Germany EIB -
Emden Airport Emden, Germany EME EDWE
Ensheim Airport Saarbruecken, Germany SCN EDDR
Erfurt Airport Erfurt, Germany ERF EDDE
Essen Airport Essen, Germany ESS EDLE
Finkenwerder Airport Finkenwerder, Germany XFW EDHI
Flugplatz Airport Wangerooge, Germany AGE EDWG
Frankfurt International Airport Frankfurt, Germany FRA EDDF
Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airport Egelsbach, Germany QEF EDFE
Franz Josef Strauss Airport Munich, Germany MUC EDDM
Friedrichshafen Airport Friedrichshafen, Germany FDH EDNY
Fritzlar Air Base Fritzlar, Germany FRZ ETHF
Fuerstenfeldbruck Airport Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany FEL ETSF
Fuhlsbuettel Airport Hamburg (HAM), Germany HAM EDDH
Geilenkirchen Airport Geilenkirchen, Germany GKE ETNG
Giebelstadt Airport Giebelstadt, Germany GHF ETEU
Guetersloh Airport Guetersloh, Germany GUT -
Guettin Airport Guettin, Germany GTI EDCG
Hahn Airport Frankfurt, Germany HHN EDFH
Hanau Army Air Field , Germany ZNF ETID
Hanover Airport Hanover, Germany HAJ EDDV
Heide-Buesum Airport Heide-Buesum, Germany HEI EDXB
Heidelberg Airport Heidelberg, Germany HDB ETIE
Helgoland Airport Helgoland, Germany HGL EDXH
Heringsdorf Airport Heringsdorf, Germany HDF EDAH
Hof Airport Hof, Germany HOQ EDQM
Holtenau Airport Kiel, Germany KEL EDHK
Husum-Schwesing Airport Husum, Germany QHU EDXJ
Illesheim Air Base Storck Barracks, Germany ILH ETIK
Ingolstadt Manching Airport Manching, Germany IGS ETSI
Itzehoe/Hungriger Wolf Airfield Itzehoe, Germany IZE EDHF
Juist Airport Juist, Germany JUI EDWJ
Kaiserslautern Airport Kaiserslautern, Germany KLT -
Karlsruhe-Forchheim Airport Karlsruhe, Germany QCA EDTK
Kassel-Calden Airport Kassel, Germany KSF EDVK
Kitzingen Airport Kitzingen, Germany KZG ETIN
Koeln/Bonn Airport Cologne, Germany CGN EDDK
Koethen Airport Koethen, Germany KOQ -
Laage Airport Rostock-Laage, Germany RLG ETNL
Laarbruch R.A.F. Airport Laarbruch, Germany LRC -
Lahr Airport Lahr, Germany LHA EDTL
Langeoog Airport Langeoog, Germany LGO EDWL
Leipzig/Halle Airport Leipzig/Halle, Germany LEJ EDDP
Lemwerder Airport Lemwerder, Germany XLW EDWD
Magdeburg Airport Magdeburg, Germany ZMG EDBM
Mainz-Finthen Airport Mainz, Germany QMZ EDFZ
Mannheim Airport Mannheim, Germany MHG EDFM
Marl-Loemühle Airport Marl, Germany ZOJ EDLM
Memmingen Ab Memmingen, Germany QOX ETSM
Memmingen Airport Memmingen, Germany FMM EDJA
Metropolitan Area Airport Nuremberg, Germany NUE EDDN
Moenchen-Gl. DUS Exp Airport Dusseldorf, Germany MGL EDLN
Muenster Airport Muenster, Germany FMO EDDG
Neu Isenburg Airport Frankfurt, Germany QGV -
Neubrandenburg Airport Neubrandenburg, Germany FNB ETNU
Neumuenster Airport Neumuenster, Germany EUM EDHN
Niederrhein Airport Dusseldorf, Germany NRN KNRN
Norddeich Airport Norddeich, Germany NOE -
Norden Airport Norden, Germany NOD EDWS
Norderney Airport Norderney, Germany NRD EDWY
Nordhorn-Lingen Airport Klausheide, Germany ZOW EDWN
Norvenich Airport , Germany QOE ETNN
Oberpfaffenhofen Airport Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany OBF EDMO
Paderborn Airport Paderborn, Germany PAD EDLP
Parchim Airport Schwerin, Germany SZW EDOP
Peenemuende Airport Peenemuende, Germany PEF -
Pforheim Airport Pforheim, Germany UPF -
Ramstein Airport Ramstein, Germany RMS ETAR
Rechlin Airport Rechlin, Germany REB -
Rhein-Main Air Force Base Frankfurt, Germany FRF -
Rheindahlen Airport Rheindahlen, Germany GMY -
Rheine Bentlage Airport , Germany ZPQ ETHE
Riesa Airport Riesa, Germany IES -
Royal Air Force Brueggen, Germany BGN ETUR
Schaferhaus Airport Flensburg, Germany FLF EDXF
Schleswig Airport Schleswig, Germany WBG ETNS
Schoenefeld Airport Berlin, Germany SXF EDDB
Schönhagen Airport Trebbin, Germany QXH EDAZ
Sembach Airport Sembach, Germany SEX -
Siegerland Airport Siegen, Germany SGE EDGS
Soellingen Airport Karlsruhe/Baden Baden, Germany FKB EDSB
Spangdahlem Ab Spangdahlem, Germany SPM ETAD
St. Peter Airport Saint Peter, Germany PSH EDXO
Strausberg Strausberg, Germany QPK EDAY
Tegel Airport Berlin, Germany TXL EDDT
Tempelhof Airport Berlin, Germany THF EDDI
Uetersen Uetersen, Germany QSM EDHE
Varrelbusch Airport Varrelbusch, Germany VAC EDWU
Wallmuhle Airport Straubing, Germany RBM EDMS
Westerland - Sylt Airport Westerland, Germany GWT EDXW
Wiesbaden Air Base Wiesbaden, Germany WIE ETOU
Wildenrath Airport Wildenrath, Germany WID -
Wilhelmshaven Airport Wilhelmshaven, Germany WVN EDWI
Wittenberge Railway Service Wittenberge, Germany ZWN -
Wyk Airport Wyk, Germany OHR EDXY
Zweibrücken Airport Zweibrücken, Germany ZQW EDRZ

The IATA airport code consists of three letters and is defined by IATA (International Air Transport Association).
The ICAO airport code consists of four letters and is defined by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).