Airports in Democratic Republic of the Congo, List of Democratic Republic of the Congo Airports By City

All the Major Airports in Democratic Republic of the Congo are given below. To find more information about any of these airports click on the airport name. Our database have 65 Airports in Democratic Republic of the Congo. Democratic Republic of the Congo IATA Airport Codes and ICAO Codes are listed bellow.

Airport City, Country IATA airport code ICAO airport code
Bandundu Airport Bandundu, Congo, DR FDU FZBO
Basankusu Airport Basankusu, Congo, DR BSU FZEN
Basongo Airport Basongo, Congo, DR BAN FZVR
Beni Airport Beni, Congo, DR BNC FZNP
Boende Airport Boende, Congo, DR BNB FZGN
Boma Airport Boma, Congo, DR BOA FZAJ
Bumba Airport Bumba, Congo, DR BMB FZFU
Bunia Airport Bunia, Congo, DR BUX FZKA
Buta Airport Buta, Congo, DR BZU FZKJ
Dili Airport Dili, Congo, DR DIC -
Epena Airport Epena, Congo EPN -
Gandajika Airport Gandajika, Congo, DR GDJ FZWC
Gbadolite Airport Gbadolite, Congo, DR BDT FZFD
Gemena Airport Gemena, Congo, DR GMA FZFK
Goma Airport Goma, Congo, DR GOM FZNA
Idiofa Airport Idiofa, Congo, DR IDF FZCB
Ikela Airport Ikela, Congo, DR IKL FZGV
Ilebo Airport Ilebo, Congo, DR PFR FZVS
Inongo Airport Inongo, Congo, DR INO FZBA
Kabalo Airport Kabalo, Congo, DR KBO FZRM
Kabinda Airport Kabinda, Congo, DR KBN FZWT
Kalemie Airport Kalemie, Congo, DR FMI FZRF
Kalima Airport Kalima, Congo, DR KLY FZOD
Kamenbe Bukavu, Congo, DR BKY FZMA
Kamina Airport Kamina, Congo, DR KMN FZSA
Kananga Airport Kananga, Congo, DR KGA FZUA
Kaniama Airport Kaniama, Congo, DR KNM FZTK
Kapanga Airport Kapanga, Congo, DR KAP FZSK
Kasenga Airport Kasenga, Congo, DR KEC FZQG
Kasongo Lunda Airport Kasongo Lunda, Congo, DR KGN -
Kikwit Airport Kikwit, Congo, DR KKW FZCA
Kilwa Airport Kilwa, Congo, DR KIL -
Kindu Airport Kindu, Congo, DR KND FZOA
Kiri Airport Kiri, Congo, DR KRZ -
Kisangani Airport Kisangani, Congo, DR FKI FZIC
Kolwezi Airport Kolwezi, Congo, DR KWZ FZQM
Kongolo Airport Kongolo, Congo, DR KOO FZRQ
Kota Koli Airport Kota Koli, Congo, DR KLI -
Kotakoli Kotakoli, Congo, DR KLI FZFP
Lekana Airport Lekana, Congo LKC -
Libenge Airport Libenge, Congo, DR LIE FZFA
Lisala Airport Lisala, Congo, DR LIQ FZGA
Lodja Airport Lodja, Congo, DR LJA FZVA
Luano Lubumbashi, Congo, DR FBM FZQA
Luiza Airport Luiza, Congo, DR LZA FZUG
Lusambo Airport Lusambo, Congo, DR LBO FZVI
Lusanga Airport Lusanga, Congo, DR LUS FZCE
Manono Airport Manono, Congo, DR MNO FZRA
Masi Manimba Airport Masi Manimba, Congo, DR MSM FZCV
Matadi Airport Matadi, Congo, DR MAT FZAM
Matari Isiro, Congo, DR IRP FZJH
Mbandaka Airport Mbandaka, Congo, DR MDK FZEA
Mbuji Mayi Airport Mbuji Mayi, Congo, DR MJM FZWA
Moanda Airport Moanda, Congo, DR MNB FZAG
Moba Airport Moba, Congo, DR BDV FZRB
Mweka Airport Mweka, Congo, DR MEW FZVM
N'Djili Airport Kinshasa, Congo, DR FIH FZAA
N'Dolo Airport Kinshasa, Congo, DR NLO FZAB
Nioki Airport Nioki, Congo, DR NIO FZBI
Nkolo Airport Nkolo, Congo, DR NKL -
Punia Airport Punia, Congo, DR PUN FZOP
Pweto Airport Pweto, Congo, DR PWO FZQC
Rughenda Airfield Butembo, Democratic Republic of the Congo RUE FZMB
Tshikapa Airport Tshikapa, Congo, DR TSH FZUK
Yangambi Airport Yangambi, Congo, DR YAN FZIR

The IATA airport code consists of three letters and is defined by IATA (International Air Transport Association).
The ICAO airport code consists of four letters and is defined by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).