Airports in Czech Republic, List of Czech Republic Airports By City

All the Major Airports in Czech Republic are given below. To find more information about any of these airports click on the airport name. Our database have 14 Airports in Czech Republic. Czech Republic IATA Airport Codes and ICAO Codes are listed bellow.

Airport City, Country IATA airport code ICAO airport code
Brno Bus Service Brno, Czech Republic ZDN -
České Budějovice Airport České Budějovice, Czech Republic JCL LKCS
Dolni Benesov Airport Zabreh, Czech Republic ZBE -
Holesov Airport Zlin, Czech Republic GTW LKHO
Karlovy Vary Airport Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic KLV LKKV
Marianske Lazne Airport Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic MKA LKMR
Mosnov Airport Ostrava, Czech Republic OSR LKMT
Olomouc Airport Olomouc, Czech Republic OLO -
Pardubice Airport Pardubice, Czech Republic PED LKPD
Prague-Ruzyne Airport Prague, Czech Republic PRG LKPR
Prerov Airport Prerov, Czech Republic PRV -
Turany Airport Brno, Czech Republic BRQ LKTB
Uherske Hradiste Airport Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic UHE LKKU
Vodochody Airport Vodochoky, Czech Republic VOD LKVO

The IATA airport code consists of three letters and is defined by IATA (International Air Transport Association).
The ICAO airport code consists of four letters and is defined by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).