Airports in Colombia, List of Colombia Airports By City

All the Major Airports in Colombia are given below. To find more information about any of these airports click on the airport name. Our database have 166 Airports in Colombia. Colombia IATA Airport Codes and ICAO Codes are listed bellow.

Airport City, Country IATA airport code ICAO airport code
Acandi Airport Acandi, Colombia ACD SKAD
Acaricuara Airport Acaricuara, Colombia ARF -
Aeropuerto Los Pozos Los Pozos, Colombia SGL SKSG
Aguaclara Airport Aguaclara, Colombia ACL -
Aguasclaras Airport Ocana, Colombia OCV SKOC
Alfonso B. Aragon Airport Cali, Colombia CLO SKCL
Amalfi Airport Amalfi, Colombia AFI -
Andes Airport Andes, Colombia ADN -
Apartado Airport Apartado, Colombia APO SKLC
Apiay Airport Apiay, Colombia API -
Araracuara Airport Araracuara, Colombia ACR SKAC
Arauca Airport Arauca, Colombia AUC SKUC
Arauquita Airport Arauquita, Colombia ARQ -
Arboletas Airport Arboletas, Colombia ARO -
Arica Airport Arica, Colombia ACM -
Ayacucho Airport Ayacucho, Colombia AYC -
Ayapel Airport Ayapel, Colombia AYA -
Bahia Cupica Airport Bahia Cupica, Colombia BHF -
Bahia Solano Airport Bahia Solano, Colombia BSC SKBS
Baracoa Airport Magangue, Colombia MGN SKMG
Barranca De Upia Airport Barranca De Upia, Colombia BAC -
Barrancominas Airport Barrancominas, Colombia NBB -
Buenaventura Airport Buenaventura, Colombia BUN SKBU
Camilo Dazo Airport Cucuta, Colombia CUC SKCC
Candilejas Airport Candilejas, Colombia CJD -
Cano Airport Pasto, Colombia PSO SKPS
Capitolio Airport Florencia, Colombia FLA SKFL
Capurgana Airport Capurgana, Colombia CPB -
Caquetania Airport Caquetania, Colombia CQT -
Carimagua Airport Carimagua, Colombia CCO -
Cartago Airport Cartago, Colombia CRC SKGO
Caruru Airport Caruru, Colombia CUO SKCR
Casanare Airport Paz De Ariporo, Colombia PZA SKPZ
Casuarito Airport Casuarito, Colombia CSR -
Caucasia Airport Caucasia, Colombia CAQ SKCU
Chaparral Airport Chaparral, Colombia CPL SKHA
Chigorodo Airport Chigorodo, Colombia IGO SKIG
Chivolo Airport Chivolo, Colombia IVO -
Cimitarra Airport Cimitarra, Colombia CIM SKCM
Codazzi Airport Codazzi, Colombia DZI -
Corozal Airport Corozal, Colombia CZU SKCZ
Covenas Airport Covenas, Colombia CVE SKCV
Cravo Norte Airport Cravo Norte, Colombia RAV SKCN
Currillo Airport Currillo, Colombia CUI -
E Cortissoz Airport Barranquilla, Colombia BAQ SKBQ
El Bagre Airport El Bagre, Colombia EBG SKEB
El Charco Airport El Charco, Colombia ECR -
El Eden Airport Armenia, Colombia AXM SKAR
El Encanto Airport El Encanto, Colombia ECO -
El Recreo Airport El Recreo, Colombia ELJ -
El Yopal Airport El Yopal, Colombia EYP SKYP
Eldorado Airport Bogota, Colombia BOG SKBO
Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport Medellin, Colombia EOH SKMD
Farfan Airport Tulua, Colombia ULQ SKUL
Fua'Amotu International Airport Nuku'alofa, Tonga TBU NFTF
Fundacion Airport Fundacion, Colombia FDA SKFU
Gamarra Airport Gamarra, Colombia GRA -
Garzon La Jagua Airport Garzon, Colombia GLJ SKGZ
Gen. A.V. Cobo Airport Leticia, Colombia LET SKLT
Gilgal Airport Gilgal, Colombia GGL -
Girardot Airport Girardot, Colombia GIR SKGI
Gonzalo Airport Turbo, Colombia TRB SKTU
Guacamaya Airport Guacamaya, Colombia GCA -
Guamal Airport Guamal, Colombia GAA -
Guapi Airport Guapi, Colombia GPI SKGP
Guerima Airport Guerima, Colombia GMC -
Hato Corozal Airport Hato Corozal, Colombia HTZ SKHC
Ibague Airport Ibague, Colombia IBE SKIB
Iscuande Airport Iscuande, Colombia ISD -
Jose Maria Cordova Medellin, Colombia MDE SKRG
Jurado Airport Jurado, Colombia JUO -
La Chorrera Airport La Chorrera, Colombia LCR -
La Florida Airport Tumaco, Colombia TCO SKCO
La Marguita Airport Neiva, Colombia NVA SKNV
La Pedrera Airport La Pedrera, Colombia LPD SKLP
La Primavera Airport La Primavera, Colombia LPE -
La Vanguardia Airport Villavicencio, Colombia VVC SKVV
Lamacarena Airport Lamacarena, Colombia LMC -
Las Gaviotas Airport Las Gaviotas, Colombia LGT -
Lopez De Micay Airport Lopez De Micay, Colombia LMX -
Lorica Airport Lorica, Colombia LRI -
Macanal Airport Macanal, Colombia NAD -
Machangara Airport Popayan, Colombia PPN SKPP
Maicao Airport Maicao, Colombia MCJ SKAO
Mandinga Airport Condoto, Colombia COG SKCD
Mariquita Airport Mariquita, Colombia MQU SKQU
Matecana Airport Pereira, Colombia PEI SKPE
Medina Airport Medina, Colombia MND -
Miraflores Airport Miraflores, Colombia MFS SKMF
Miriti Airport Miriti, Colombia MIX -
Mitu Airport Mitu, Colombia MVP SKMU
Mompos Airport Mompos, Colombia MMP SKMP
Monfort Airport Monfort, Colombia MFB -
Montel Libano Airport Montel Libano, Colombia MTB -
Monterrey Airport Monterrey, Colombia MOY -
Morichal Airport Morichal, Colombia MHF -
Mosquera Airport Mosquera, Colombia MQR -
Nare Airport Nare, Colombia NAR -
Necocli Airport Necocli, Colombia NCI SKNC
Nunchia Airport Nunchia, Colombia NUH -
Nuqui Airport Nuqui, Colombia NQU -
Orocue Airport Orocue, Colombia ORC -
Otu Airport Otu, Colombia OTU SKOT
Palanquero Airport Palanquero, Colombia PAL SKPQ
Palo Negro Airport Bucaramanga, Colombia BGA SKBG
Paratebueno Airport Paratebueno, Colombia EUO
Pitalito Airport Pitalito, Colombia PTX SKPI
Planadas Airport Planadas, Colombia PLA -
Planeta Rica Airport Planeta Rica, Colombia PLC -
Plato Airport Plato, Colombia PLT -
Pore Airport Pore, Colombia PRE -
Providencia Airport Providencia, Colombia PVA SKPV
Puerto Asis Airport Puerto Asis, Colombia PUU SKAS
Puerto Berrio Airport Puerto Berrio, Colombia PBE SKPR
Puerto Boyaca Airport Puerto Boyaca, Colombia PYA -
Puerto Carreno Airport Puerto Carreno, Colombia PCR SKPC
Puerto Inirida Airport Puerto Inirida, Colombia PDA SKPD
Puerto Leguizamo Airport Puerto Leguizamo, Colombia LQM SKLG
Puerto Rico Airport Puerto Rico, Colombia PCC -
Quibdo Airport Quibdo, Colombia UIB SKUI
Rafael Nunez Airport Cartagena, Colombia CTG SKCG
Riohacha Airport Riohacha, Colombia RCH SKRH
Rondon Airport Rondon, Colombia RON -
S. Jeronimo Airport Monteria, Colombia MTR SKMR
Sabana De Torres Airport Sabana De Torres, Colombia SNT -
San Andres Island Airport San Andres Island, Colombia ADZ SKSP
San Bernado Airport El Banco, Colombia ELB SKBC
San Jose Del Gua Airport San Jose Del Gua, Colombia SJE SKSJ
San Juan De Uraba Airport San Juan De Uraba, Colombia SJR -
San Juan Del Cesar Airport San Juan Del Cesar, Colombia SJH -
San Luis Airport Ipiales, Colombia IPI SKIP
San Luis De Pale Airport San Luis De Pale, Colombia SQE -
San Marcos Airport San Marcos, Colombia SRS -
San Pedro Jagua Airport San Pedro Jagua, Colombia SJG -
San Pedro Uraba Airport San Pedro Uraba, Colombia NPU -
San Vicente Airport San Vicente, Colombia SVI SKSV
Santa Ana Airport Santa Ana, Colombia SQB -
Santa Catalina Airport Santa Catalina, Colombia SCA -
Santa Maria Airport Santa Maria, Colombia SMC -
Santa Rosalia Airport Santa Rosalia, Colombia SSL -
Santaguida Airport Manizales, Colombia MZL SKMZ
Santana Ramos Airport Santana Ramos, Colombia SRO -
Saravena Airport Saravena, Colombia RVE SKSA
Simon Bolivar Airport Santa Marta, Colombia SMR SKSM
Sogamoso Airport Sogamoso, Colombia SOX SKSO
Solano Airport Solano, Colombia SQF -
Solita Airport Solita, Colombia SOH -
Tablon De Tamara Airport Tablon De Tamara, Colombia TTM -
Tame Airport Tame, Colombia TME SKTM
Tarapaca Airport Tarapaca, Colombia TCD -
Tauramena Airport Tauramena, Colombia TAU -
Tibu Airport Tibu, Colombia TIB SKTB
Timbiqui Airport Timbiqui, Colombia TBD -
Tolu Airport Tolu, Colombia TLU SKTL
Tres Esquinas Airport Tres Esquinas, Colombia TQS SKTQ
Trinidad Airport Trinidad, Colombia TDA SKTD
Unguia Airport Unguia, Colombia UNC -
Uribe Airport Uribe, Colombia URI -
Urrao Airport Urrao, Colombia URR SKUR
Valledupar Airport Valledupar, Colombia VUP SKVP
Variguies Airport Barrancabermeja, Colombia EJA SKEJ
Villagarzon Airport Villagarzon, Colombia VGZ SKVG
Yaguara Airport Yaguara, Colombia AYG -
Yari Airport Yari, Colombia AYI -
Yavarate Airport Yavarate, Colombia VAB -
Zapatoca Airport Zapatoca, Colombia AZT

The IATA airport code consists of three letters and is defined by IATA (International Air Transport Association).
The ICAO airport code consists of four letters and is defined by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).