Buna City Map, Where is Buna Papua New Guinea located?

Buna is located in Papua New Guinea. Timezone in Buna is Pacific/Port_Moresby, Current local time in Buna is 2022-12-01, 00:44:20 +10
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The nearest airport to Buna, is Girua Airport (PNP). Also you can find all airports near to Buna by click Closest Airports to Buna .

Satellite View and Map of Buna, Papua New Guinea

Here you can see location and online map of the Buna, Papua New Guinea and it's geographical coordinates. Also you can see flight directions from Buna, Papua New Guinea to other cities is given below.
Buna GPS Coordinates: Latitude: S 8° 40' 30.9'' Longitude: E 148° 24' 47''

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