Al-Fallujah City Map, Where is Al-Fallujah Iraq located?

Al-Fallujah is located in Iraq. Timezone in Al-Fallujah is Asia/Baghdad, Current local time in Al-Fallujah is 2024-05-20, 15:41:15 +03
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The nearest airport to Al-Fallujah, is Al Taqaddum Air Base (TQD). Also you can find all airports near to Al-Fallujah by click Closest Airports to Al-Fallujah .

Satellite View and Map of Al-Fallujah, Iraq

Here you can see location and online map of the Al-Fallujah, Iraq and it's geographical coordinates. Also you can see flight directions from Al-Fallujah, Iraq to other cities is given below.
Al-Fallujah GPS Coordinates: Latitude: N 33° 20' 39.7'' Longitude: E 43° 46' 52.6''

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