Airport Distance Calculator, Flight Route Calculator

Airport Distance Calculator lets you calculate the flight distance between any two airports in our database that have location coordinates. To calculate airport distance and fligh duration, please enter airport names (iata code or city name) of the two airports between which you need to find the distance in the text boxs below and click 'Calculate Flight Distance' button.

After submitting the result page will show you the the air travel distance in miles and kilometers between the airports along with flight direction, airport map, airport location, city local time, current weather and other useful airport details. You also can learn some useful information about the country in which the airport is located. The airport distance calculator here shows the direct flight (non stop flights) distance between two airports. If your flight is indirect, you'll need to calculate the every stages separately. Flight Route Calculator only accept airport names and you must select one of the displayed airports which are listed in the text boxs. If you do not choose one of them the text box will be blank and you can not find any result. If you want to calculate the air distance between two cities, we have another page for this. Calculate the Distance between two cities

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Calculating the distance between the two airports or cities in the world. The information presented in our calculations is the great circle distance between any two points (airports, cities) and should only be used as a guide.